Sticking My Neck Out There

Today I finally bit the bullet and decided to start a blog. I have been meaning to do one for quite some time now as a way to do ag-vocacy. However there is a time factor, and the question I struggled with do I have anything actually informative or interesting to say? After a few weeks or months I may not post very often when I get busy , and I also may not have anything interesting to say. The beauty of a blog is you have chosen to read my blog, therefore if it isn’t interesting you don’t have to read it. Boom.

This blog will probably consist of a few things:

1)Agriculture- If you know me this will not surprise you. After all I am studying agriculture in college and I grew up on a farm so its been around for my whole life. Also I am excited to announce that I am now a farmer myself!! I’m sure that sounds dorky but I’m proud to be able to tell people I am a farmer. I am planting my first crop this weekend. I am going to have about 40 acres of winter wheat back home in Limestone County. I’m going to be honest since my dad quit row crop farming when I was 13 I am not as familiar with production agriculture as I would have been if he would have continued farming. Therefore I have  A LOT to learn. Thankfully I will have lots of help from my dad, and from my younger brothers Brady and Thomas. I’m going home to plant this weekend so I’m sure there will be some interesting stories and things I learn this weekend. By the end of this ordeal I may be able to write a book. (It may be like an episode of I Love Lucy). From time to time I may write posts about issues facing agriculture or misconceptions that people have about the way our food and fiber is produced.

2) Auburn / College- I am in my third year at Auburn and I absolutely love being here. There is always something interesting happening at school or at home with me and my four roommates. Also my friends and I usually have some great adventures or misadventures depending upon how you look at it, so I’m sure there will be plenty of stories and experiences to share.

3) Food- I love to cook, however I do not have time to cook much. When I find time to cook and come across a really good recipe I might just have to share the recipe instead of posting pics on FB or Twitter because I know that annoys some people seeing pictures food. (I personally like seeing what other people cook and eat)

4) Life – At the age of 21 I’m still growing (hopefully not height wise) but as far as learning and growing with learning life lessons and growing spiritually spiritually. I do on regular occasion dumb things, and also observe others doing dumb things so hopefully you can I can both learn from some of these (sometimes hard) experiences. This is the category I would put placing liquid dish soap in the dishwasher (which thankfully I knew not to do before moving out on my own but you get the idea). I’m also back at the point I was in high school. Trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life is stressful. I only have a  year and a half to figure out where to go next, work, grad school, bum, etc. I just pray a lot about it and we’ll see where I wind up.

Disclaimer: #1 Blog posts may not be limited to these four categories. #2 I am a horrible speller, you’ve been warned. I’m sure there will be a blog on spelling at some point. This may not turn into much but know knows, this highway called life is always an adventure!

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