It Might Just Be South Dakota

You really know where life is going to take you next, and it might just be South Dakota. Yes, South Dakota home to

Mount Rushmore
The World’s Only Corn Palace (I’ve been there and yes its made of corn)
The Badlands
The Mashed Potato Wrestling Contest
Cows (more cows in SD than people)

and this summer…. ME! 
This summer I have accepted an internship with Monsanto and I will be covering a territory that covers parts of North and South Dakota. I will be working with a brand that we do not grow in the Southeast, it is called Channel. 
I will have approximately 40 growers that  I will be working with and promoting some of  Channel’s varieties of corn, soybeans and some alfalfa. It is definitely going to be an experience. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also a little apprehensive about moving 1,200 miles away. It is a comfort is knowing that is is for three months and not permanently. I do believe it will be helpful in figuring out what I want do career wise as I get ready to graduate in next May. I have been to South Dakota once before, but I’ve learned a lot about South Dakota in the past few weeks, there is not a lot there when it comes to people, churches, temporary housing etc. I am looking forward to no humidity, it will be very nice compared to the temperatures I am used to in the summer. I know a few people up there and have made a few new connections since finding out that is where I’m going to be located. If you know anyone in South Dakota or if you have any suggestions of things I should see/do while I’m there pass them along to me! 

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