War Eagle in Times Square

War Eagle in Times Square

A Facebook friend of mine, Elizabeth Grimes, had posted a link on Facebook on Wednesday mentioning to some of her New York friends that you could have your picture shown in Times Square. I figured why only New York people? I sent in a picture of Jessica, Bethany, Emily, Elizabeth and I from tailgating a few weeks ago and just sent out a “War Eagle” to the lovely people of New York City. I received a tweet and a picture, of the billboard from a few hours ago, pretty neat. It makes me wonder if anyone appreciated the War Eagle, but the Auburn Family spreads far and wide so maybe, just maybe someone did.

I have never been to NYC, but it is on my list. Although I’ve never been our smiling faces were in Times Square tonight, maybe next time my face is seen in times square I will actually be there to enjoy it.

I thought this was pretty cool use of social media, I no idea it would actually happen. So if you are interested in getting a picture in Times Square this week you can find more info here: http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=95c7d8a39e4d227096b4d7e22&id=f2325e58ad&e=4d5e391920

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