Ending of Blogging Sabbatical and Life in St Louis

In the spring I kept telling myself:

“After I graduate I’ll have more time to write blog posts, I won’t have school work or as many extra curricular activities taking up my time”

While at the time that may have been true things have changed a lot in my life since May.


I graduated from Auburn University on May 3rd, I left the next day to spend 2 weeks in Italy with Auburn’s Poultry Science Department and was able to see Italy from an agricultural and cultural perspective. It was a great trip and has me wanting to go back to Europe to visit other countries.

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Memorial Day my parents helped me move to St Louis and on June 2nd I started my job. I feel so fortunate to have a job that I love right out of college. I have the opportunity to do something I am extremely passionate about and that is explaining agriculture. I get to work with farmers, students, consumers, scientist etc.  I’ve learned a lot more about plant breeding and biotechnology in a few months than I’ve ever learned.

A week or two after I started working I realized that I wanted to go back to school. When I graduated in May I had absolutely NO intentions of going back to school. I was tired of school and didn’t think that I needed to go back for the type of work I want to do.However I just love learning and decided since I was still in the school mode I should keep going. I figured I’d start in January, but ended up starting at Master’s program at Maryville University here in St Louis in August.

Living in St. Louis has been an adjustment, but it’s not bad. When I moved here I wasn’t expecting to like living here. I won’t say that I LOVE it, but its not bad. I wish I was closer to home (Elkmont, AL), but it is not too far away. It takes me about 7 1/2 hours to get home so it is too far to leave Friday and come back Sunday, but if I can have an extra day on either end then it is worth it. I miss Auburn, mostly because so many of my friends are still there and I haven’t made many friends my age in St Louis, but I guess that is part of life.

A few things that have been new to me in St Louis are.

1) The Traffic

Gone are the days when I could allow 10 minutes to get pretty much anywhere. There is always traffic (except on Sunday mornings) and the speed limit is super low unless you are on the interstate and then you are probably not moving very fast either.


Sometimes it seems like you'll die before the traffic moves. Ha

Sometimes it seems like you’ll die before the traffic moves. Ha


People here don’t know how to drive when precipitation falls out of the sky, its like it causes them to forget everything they’ve ever known about operating a motor vehicle. This also includes frozen precipitation which brings me to #2.

2) Snow

We got our first snow over the weekend. People laughed and I was told it was not a “real” snow. Coming from Alabama to me it was a big snow. I will say it was nice because it was not on the road, which made it pretty to look at and it didn’t disrupt traffic terribly. It was probably 3 inches, which in my mind is a big snow. I guess I’ll see a “real” snow before too long. I’m not used to wearing the proper clothing for super cold weather. I invested in a down coat over the weekend (which was a lifesaver when I busted it on a patch of ice last night) and should be good to go as far as being prepared for cold weather. I honesty don’t mind the cold because I hate sweating in the summer I’ll gladly shiver in the winter.


On Friday I went to Lowe’s and bought 300 pounds of sand, you may have seen my post on Facebook or Instagram. I bought it to put in the bed of my truck. I was told to do this multiple times to add weight to the back end of my truck so I will have added traction. Some suggested cinder blocks….but I think sand is a better option, you can’t easily throw it and it was probably cheaper.


3) Exploring a City

I had no idea how much there is to do in St Louis until I moved here. I had not spent a lot of time in St Louis before moving here and every time I had been here I was only in town for a few days and spent the time in a hotel or conference room. St Louis has an awesome zoo, and its free!


The art, history, and science museum are also free. The Gateway Arch is also a huge attraction along with Grant’s Farm where you can see the Budweiser Clydesdale horses.


There are so many beautiful parks some of which are so huge you forget you’re in St Louis.


I’ve also enjoyed trying and learning about the local cuisine, I’ll have to dedicate and entire post to that later.


I’m learning to like the Cardinals. Wasn’t too difficult, I had always “pulled” for the Braves, but I’m not extremely loyal to anything, but Auburn football.


I’ve been to my first NFL game with the St Louis Auburn Club, we went to support Tre Mason and Greg Robinson for their first game in the NFL, they are playing for the STL Rams. Didn’t care for it that much, I’d still rather watch college football.

4) Living in a City

Living in Auburn was the closest I’ve ever come to “living in town” and now I live across the street from Target and Whole Foods. It is very convenient to live in town, I like that aspect. It is so strange not relying on Dollar General for your every need, to be honest I can’t even tell you where a Dollar General is. I live pretty close to church, work, doctor and other stores I frequent. I miss having a yard, but I visit parks a couple of times a week (well until it started getting dark at 4:30) I think I lucked out on where I chose to live its close to the interstate and other main roadways. I really miss the rural scenery, especially during harvest, but this will do for now.

I’m sure I can think of other things to add to the list, but these 4 will work for now. I am going to make a conscious effort to blog more consistently. I’ve come to the conclusion life will always be busy, so I need to ensure I make time for what’s important.

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