Tom-Tom Knows Best (if you listen the first time)

I like to pride myself in being pretty directionally savy. Back home I can tell you pretty much where any road is until you get into subdivisoions. I will admit however I was a little worried about finding my way around in South Dakota. Afterall, most of their roadways are streets or avenues and they mostly are numbers and not actual names like O’Neal, Pepper etc. On the first day I was here I figured out a very helpful fact.
Avenues run North to South and Streets run East to West.
This doesn’t help me remember what road is which but I at least know what direction I am heading.
Another thing that helps is that most of the counties are on the grid system. Basically every mile there is a road. Not necessarily a travelable road, but a road.
Limestone County, AL (top) vs. Day County, SD (bottom)
My Tom-Tom which my brothers gave to me for a high school graduation gift, has been very helpful for the most part. No matter where you are the address numbers are not always right, but it usually gets you within close proximity of your destination.
Tuesday I was sent to Mitchell, South Dakota for a siminar. I left about 5:30am I made it without any issues and even had time to visit the Corn Palace.

When I left Mitchell I was to go to Conde, SD to pick up some leftoever seed from a grower. When I left the farm with their seed I typed in my Tom-Tom my home adderss. It said it was 80 miles! Let me assure you it was not 80 miles. How did I know this? These hills. Yep, those with the windmills.  

I see these hills every Sunday and Wednesday on my way to church. I knew that I was just on the other side from the main highway I needed to take me home and it would be quicker to go over them vs. around them. Seems logical right?
I told Tom-Tom I wanted the shortest, not quickest way and off I went. I am always leary of Tom-Tom when he tells me this:
However, in South Dakota practically every road is dirt! So if you hit avoid unpaved roads you will never get to wherever it is you are trying to go.
So here I go along the dirt roads trying to figure out how to get over the big hills to the otherside to take a “short cut”. I go down one road Tom-Tom told me to go down and I basically ended up in someone’s backyard. It might have been a road at one point, but not anymore. So I quickly turned around and left. This happened several more times. It would tell me to turn and I find this:
Or this… (which you can tell was a road, but now has a fence in front of it)
I finally got over the hills and all I could find was signs I take very seriously out here.

Long story shorts, many roads, many backups, turnarounds later. I had to give up and go back the way Tom-Tom suggested in the beginning. I could see where I needed to go, there was just no way for me to get there unless it inovlved me plowing through a farmers field, mud hole, or pasture. I saw some beautiful scenery and animals along the way, but it got later and later and I was ready to be home.

Tuesday was Mr. Glenn’s (I live with him and his wife) 80th birthday and I was planning to make him a peach cobbler. I finally found my way home and had time to make the cobbler. Moral of the story, just do what the Tom-Tom says the first time unless you want to take the scenic route.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

In a few short hours 2012 will be in books and 2013 will here.  I’m thankful for the great year the Lord has blessed me with. 

In 2012 has consisted of…..

Auburn Football (and lots of it) 10 games to be exact.

 It was definitely not Auburn’s best year, but you make the best of what you have. Coming in to Auburn my freshman year when we won the national championship was very nice. This year definitely tested my patience with Auburn. The verdict is…I still love Auburn. I didn’t come here because of their football team I came here because I love Auburn and want my diploma to be from there. I’m getting a good education there and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

During football season there are always visitors in town. I was excited to see some of my friends from LSU this year. We were state FFA officers together in 2008-2009.  They were Louisiana State officers and I was one from Alabama. It was great seeing them. I didn’t know I would ever see them again when we finished our duties with FFA, but football has brought us back together the past 2 years. 

Traveling with the Auburn Tigers this year was quite an experience. Each away game several of us from church were able to pack up and travel to other schools. Its always nice to visit other schools and town, this year that was about the only positives considering that Auburn lost every single game on the road. Oh well…War Eagle anyway. Traveling to other schools definitely made me appreciate Auburn. 

This year also consisted of a little mud volleyball…

A little politicking… 

A little running…

A visit to friends out West. My first “real” rodeo…..

Introduced Savanna to Auburn…She’s in love came 2 weekends in a row. (Success!)

I got to hold a baby kangaroo. By far my post popular post on Facebook all year. 

A lot of ag-vocating….


Finished my eight year membership in the National FFA Organization

2013 will be a new year which I am sure will be filled with new adventures, friends, memories, lessons, knowledge, etc. 2013:

  • I will move off to intern during the summer
  • Begin my last year of college
  • Harvest my first crop (wheat) and hopefully a second crop (soybeans) 

So needless to say it will be a very exciting year. I do not know what all will come my way during the upcoming year, (which being a planner sometimes stresses me out), but I am reminded on the passage Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” with him I know all things will work for good. I hope the Lord blesses you richly in 2013. I’m looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve fellowshipping with other Christians and singing praises to the Lord as we to welcome in the new year. Until next year…..